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The New ‘Drill’ in Building Support

Ground Anchors really are  The New ‘Drill’ in Building Support


Gary Taylor is the guy that heads up the Accuracy Vital Ground Anchors, a local     Winnipeg business that specializes in providing support for all types of building projects.


The company sells and installs City-certified Wilson steel anchors, a patented product manufactured in Manitoba that provides a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete piles that have been a construction mainstay for decades.




As a former renovator, Gary became sold on the merits of Ground Anchors after using them on major projects like house additions and decks. In the year 2000 , he decided to bring the products and the company’s installation service to the Winnipeg marketplace


The anchors are 8 feet lengths of non-tubular solid steel shafts, and are available in models that provide greater support depending on the building project including decks, additions, front porches, mobile homes, and greenhouses. Best of all, the cost of Ground Anchors is remarkably 1/3 less than the cost of concrete piles!


There are three different types of anchors to suit various building requirements. From the Bedrock model that supports 2300 lbs, the Hercules model that supports 3000 pounds, to the heavy duty model that supports 5000 lbs, there is a Ground Anchor that can handle any job.


Ground Anchors have been City-certified and engineer-stamped adds Gary which means they have been approved by the City of Winnipeg building permit requirements to pass inspection.


Gary emphasizes how eco-friendly Ground Anchors are. “We corkscrew them into the ground, so there is no earth removed in the process and no mess.”


Homeowners can also rest assured that no damage will be done to tree roots in their yards that can often result from the use of heavy equipment like backhoes. “We use hand-held equipment when we enter the backyard and carry it back out once we’re finished with the installation.”


“Once the ground anchors are installed, they don’t heave, because there’s nothing for the frost to get a hold of. We’ve installed hundreds Ground Anchors over the years, and haven’t had one report or call back with a problem,” says Gary. “The anchors go below the frost line and can even be installed during the winter if need be. In fact, we installed seven of them just in January.”

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