Accuracy Vital Ground Anchors
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Three Anchors In Under An Hour ! Yes We Are Quick

When things go right, they just go right.

We installed three of our Our 5000 pound series of Accuracy  Vital Ground Anchors for a clients plans to have a three season room attached to the back of their home.

For job the client choose 3 – 5000 Pound Anchors and had everything staked out for us.

Accuracy Vital Ground Anchors

Here is where the Three season room will soon be ..

they could start building in about 60 minutes from now.

Beside the House

After checking the stakes for correct position we get ready to install the ground anchors

Accuracy Vital Ground Anchors

We need enough hose from the compressor to reach the furthest ground anchor install.

Installer set up

We start with our Ground Anchor Install Machine at nearest stake and continue through stakes  2  and then 3 !!

installing anchor

3 – 5000 pound Accuracy Vital Ground Anchors .. INSTALLED !!!

Anchors Installed

The last thing we always do is put OUR OWN weather resistant STICKER on each anchor to make sure people know this is another quality install by Accuracy Vital Ground Anchors.

sticker Install

There you go.  3 – 5000 pound ground anchors installed in under an hour

(and we weren’t going any faster than normal)

The home owner can start building RIGHT NOW !!

saddle up close

The home owner now has 3 – 5000 pound ground anchors ready for building. They are ready to go !

Anchor Installed 2

Speaking of going, we are out of  there so the home owner can start building his new three season room.

A V G A Trailer


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